Welcome to my website! I am a hybrid composer, guitarist and vocalist.YOHAMORTIZGreenfest2017Working and traveling the world as a musician has inspired me to learn about an array of musical styles. Cultural diversity has played a major role in shaping my composer’s mind. My work is looking to transcend the listener to the magic of experiencing such diversity. Be it through the colors on a traditional Inca skirt, or the smell of Cilantro in a bowl of Beans. For example, “Carabine del Emigrante” (The Emigrant’s Carabine) fuses the Dominican Carabine style, with the Progressive Rock trio style, while “Resoluciones” brings together the Cuban Guaguanco, the soft spacey sounds of New Age, and the pulsating rhythms of Afro-beat. Other compositions feel more traditional like the Brazilian Jazz piece “Tres Viejos,” while the choral piece “Welcome Little Star” combines the styles of Classical New Music with Jazz inspired harmony.

I am frequently commissioned to compose, arrange and orchestrate music for film, tv, media and recording artists in an array of genres including; Jazz, Rock, Classical, Afro-Caribbean, South American and West African musical styles. The size of the ensembles I write for range from solo instruments to full orchestras. My orchestrations often include combinations of acoustic and electronic instruments. Some of my clients include: Scholastic, PBS, Nickelodeon, Eclipse Films, Aqaba Fragrance, Kmart, Fox, Univision, Pantone Colors, Anacosta Films and Discovery.

IMG_0013 I perform solo guitar and vocal shows as well as shows with my trio (YOHAM ORTIZ trio) where I am joined by a bass player and a drummer/percussionist. My music is influenced by Latin American and West African rhythms fused with Jazz. The sound is acoustically dynamic and emotive. My goal is to tell compelling stories through the composition of music and sound textures.